How To Easily Recover Your Lost Files Using Recuva

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If you’re looking online for a budget-friendly data recovery tool, Recuva is in your wheelhouse! It has a free as well as a minimal expense $19.95 Professional version. At this pricing, you may not care that it recovers fewer files than the other two options mentioned in this list.

If you let go of this one downside, you will find several other useful features in this software. Let’s start with the file recovery option that allows you to recover any type of rewritable storage media, including documents, music, and pictures from SD cards, USBs, external drives, and more. If you have the Professional edition, you can scan and recover files from a virtual hard drive as well. 

The secure deletion capability ensures that once you have deleted the files, they couldn’t be recovered. This feature is valuable when you want to delete highly sensitive data. Recuva has a military-standard deletion mechanism that overwrites data so no one can restore it. The application is also portable, which enables you to boot it from a USB to restore your data without the threat of losing it. 

When it comes to the user experience, Recuva is different from other software in this category because it offers a more guided approach to the recovery process rather than letting the user explore. Initially, you will come across a wizard-type interface that will show you the options to select the file format you want to retrieve and where you want to focus the recovery. This feature is especially helpful for people who are not that tech-savvy and unfamiliar with data recovery. However, if you don’t want a guided interface, you can jump directly to the main interface and take advantage of its usability. 

If you’re unable to find your required files through the initial search, you can run a deep scan that searches raw data for file marks that help in distinguishing the type of file of the restored data. You can even scan for undeleted files, which is helpful when you are scanning a damaged drive for recovering data. 

Coming to customer support, users of the free version won’t find any direct customer support, but they can leverage the community forum to find solutions to the common issues. Users who have signed up for the Professional version have access to priority support. They can log on to the priority support section and acquire official, custom help. However, Recuva does not offer support through live chat or phone. 

The final verdict about this software is that it’s overall good, but other online applications offer better features and extensive recovery. The catch-22 is that they have a higher cost as well. Therefore, ultimately it depends on your application and frequency of use. If your data recovery needs aren’t that frequent and don’t involve complicated files, you could do with Recuva. Features like secure file overwrite, deep scan tool, formatted drive scanning, and clean and simple interface make it a good performer in this list! 

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