Corel PaintShop Pro: The Best Photo Editing Software For Beginners

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Corel PaintShop Pro is a photo editing software designed for both amateur and professional photographers. Corel Paintshop Pro is relatively basic, but accomplishes amazing results. Users can edit photos, use AI, create designs and graphics, and add impressive effects. The program has been around for years, but the newest version is well received by both professionals and amateurs. Some of the newly added tools are a frame tool, AI portrait mode, AI background replacement, and AI Style transfer.  

There is a new file support system and an enhanced welcome screen as well as more filters and more creative content. Users have noted that the interface is not intuitive and can feel a bit clunky at first. It is not as well organized as some of its competitors. Of course, the basic features like crop, resize, color, fade and adjust brightness. 

There is support for both RAW, HDR and 360 degree camera support as well. Paintshop also allows users to automate edits, this saves time and makes consistency so much faster and easier. The ability to use layers is also paramount in this program as you can create composite images easily and quickly have multiple versions of an image.  

Corel PaintShop Pro also offers text tools and drawing/painting tools. This allows a user to import Adobe Photoshop brushes as well as providing an illustration library of vector images, color palettes, gradients, patterns and picture tubes. All of these built in features allow the photographer to reach a new level of artform in creating complicated and detailed designs with their images. 

Corel PaintShop Pro also offers a wide range of templates to create products or projects for various reasons. Many users create collages and banners for social media. For businesses there are templates for brochures, business cards, and website banners. PaintShop also has a greeting card template, so if you want to make personalized invitations or holiday cards you can do so with ease.  

Corel is a brand that is often used to introduce students to technology, as such, their website has a variety of learning materials available. There is a large library of tutorials, videos, and news easily located on the landing page for the product. The plugin support is specifically noted and there are walkthroughs to make sure you do not lose any data or files while installing any of the software.  

Corel PaintShop Pro is always updating to meet the needs of the newest stylus and graphics hardware and software. Corel has an entire suite of creative programs that work well together including Painter Essentials, a drawing application. PhotoMirage Express can work with Corel PaintShop Pro as well, this is an animation program. Corel is a large brand with a lot of consumer support and a large library of tools and programs. It is worthwhile to consider this program in comparison to the free and other paid photo editing software that is available.  

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