Hotspot Shield VPN Review 2022: Is It a Good VPN?

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Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN extends a private network across a public one and enables users to send and receive data securely across shared networks. This tool gives users unrestricted access to blocked websites and services while keeping their data safe – this is particularly true for personal users, and they try to access censored content. Professional users, on the other hand, benefit from the added protection it offers. It also has a Chrome extension.

Hotspot Shield is a reputable brand when it comes to VPNs. Initially developed for Windows and Mac in 2008, it has now been expanded to macOS and Android and carries all the regular features of a safe and stable VPN service. Below we have highlighted the key features and highlights of the Hotspot Shield VPN: 


The feature highlight for Hotspot Shield would have to be speed. Perhaps the speediest VPN on the market, Hotspot Shield claims up to 2.2x faster rates than their competitors based on independent testing. These speeds are a credit to their patented Hydra protocol.  

Military-Grade Encryption  

Hotspot Shield can make this claim after using their VPN during the Arab Spring protests, where protesters were able to use the tool to access certain social media sites for information safely. In Egypt, Turkey, and Hong Kong, Hotspot Shield has been the VPN of choice where heightened government censorship has been suspected.  


Hotspot Shield has a comprehensive network of servers across the world, allowing users access to all manner of video, audio, streamed, gaming, or downloaded content from across the world. Hotspot Shields virtual ecosystem of servers has perhaps the largest reach than any other VPN.  

User Interface and Experience  

Rounding out the feature-filled and reliable tool, the Hotspot Shield user interface is beautiful and easy to navigate. The VPN is also quick and easy to install. There are few options for customization or advanced setting adjustment, however.   

Sadly, all the best features of this widely praised VPN provider don’t come free, though.  

But we have to understand that in order to offer high quality VPN services, almost all of these VPN providers have to pay considerable amount for the bandwidth, servers and it makes it hard to find a reliable service for free. 

To enjoy all features of Hotspot Shield, users need to subscribe to their Premium Plan. However, the feature-rich and high-performing Hotspot Shield is an excellent value for money, and up to five devices are protected. There is a much leaner free version bit the bandwidth limits are low and confines users to US-based browsing. If you are a novice user, even the free version might be enough for you to get your work done.